Unlike your Celebration Architect, your Lady-In-Waiting’s sole responsibility is taking care of the Bride's every need. This item is a popular shower gift from bridesmaids, work peers, and in-laws.

her duties can include…
  • Catering to the bride’s every whim!
  • Being the bride’s liason between family, bridal party, wedding coordinator, and/or vendor director
  • Keeping track of time and ensuring that everything is on schedule
  • Assisting the bride into her bridal attire
  • Remaining with the bride until her all-important walk down the aisle
  • “Fluffing” the bridal train before she makes her entrance into the ceremony and beyond
  • Touching up make-up, hair and dresses to ensure that everyone looks perfect throughout the day
  • Keeping track of the bride and bridal party’s personal belongings (veil, purse, make-up, bouquets, etc.)
  • Lastly and most importantly, your lady-in-waiting will always have her fully-stocked, handy-dandy, emergency kit!

Price $50 per hour (minimum 3 hours)