The Wedding Architects offer simplified, practical, step-by-step wedding advice utilizing a proven, 3 Stage Framework used individually or together to build your dream wedding. We offer custom wedding invitations and personalized stationery design to create a wedding that every detail has been thought of down to the personal monogram on your invitations. We also have a Lady in Waiting service so brides will feel like a pampered princess on their wedding day.


A proven 3 Stage Framework used individually or together to build a beautiful wedding.


Perfect for couples who wish to oversee the details but feel overwhelmed with the planning process, or lack the ability to turn random ideas into a cohesive vision. The Wedding Architects masterfully create your personalized “Blueprint”, a personalized, practical, step-by-step planning guide you may use to personally execute your dream day!


Armed with your “Wedding Blueprint” or your own created plan, you may find yourself with little time to plan & execute. Or, perhaps you require additional guidance and expertise in specific areas along the way? Whatever your needs, The Wedding Architects professional expertise can guide you through the “Construction Zone”!


Congratulations! You’ve traded in your hard hat for a tiara and you are ready to enjoy your dream day and entertain your guests. Our onsite Architects will ensure every detail of your carefully crafted “Blueprint” runs seamlessly and your “Celebration Day” is an unforgettable experience.